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MEERSTO is a professional and experienced leading Lined Pipes System manufacturer , focus in the production of high-quality corrosion resistance PTFE/PFA industrial applications Lined Piping with OEM & ODM service and one-stop solutions to customers worldwide
We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, quality and competitive pricing.

Elevate Your Operations with Meersto's Superior Lined Piping Solutions

Lined pipes production

Meersto, a distinguished manufacturer, delivers comprehensive anti-corrosion solutions with PTFE/PFA lined piping systems, tackling diverse industry needs. Our products serve chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, marine industries, and more, optimizing processes and boosting efficiency. We’re committed to equipping facilities, such as refineries, treatment plants, and mining sites, with top-tier anti-corrosion equipment at competitive prices, along with exemplary service.

Featured Products

Discover Meersto’s feature products – our PTFE/PFA lined pipes and fittings, where innovative design meets superior durability, providing unrivaled anti-corrosion solutions for your industry needs.

Lined Pipes

Experience exceptional durability and resistance to harsh environments with Meersto's lined pipes, the optimal choice for industrial applications.

Lined Tees

Experience superior fluid management and corrosion resistance with Meersto's lined tees, expertly engineered for optimal performance in industrial settings.

Lined Elbows

Meersto's lined elbows: industry-leading solutions ensuring unrivaled corrosion resistance and sustained durability in high-temperature environments.

Lined Concentric Reducers

Lined Concentric Reducers seamlessly transition pipe flow from larger to smaller diameters, offering durability and corrosion resistance for industrial applications.

Lined Eccentric Reducers

Lined Eccentric Reducers facilitate an offset pipe transition while providing superior corrosion resistance and reliability in industrial settings.

PTFE Lined Tanks

PTFE Lined Tanks offer exceptional chemical resistance, making them ideal for storing highly corrosive substances in industrial applications.

Metal Hoses

Metal Hoses provide flexibility and durability, ideal for high-temperature and high-pressure applications in various industrial settings.

PTFE Lined Dip Pipes

PTFE Lined Dip Pipes are designed for handling corrosive media, commonly used in reactors and vessels across multiple industrial applications.

Lined Reducing Flanges

Lined Reducing Flanges are specialized flange fittings designed to connect pipes of different diameters while providing excellent corrosion resistance.

Lined Instrument Tees

Lined Instrument Tees offer a corrosion-resistant solution for branching flow to instrumentation devices, ensuring long-lasting performance,accurate readings.

PTFE Dip Lined

PTFE Dip Lined products provide exceptional chemical resistance for handling corrosive media, ideal for industrial applications requiring both durability and safety.

Lined Lateral Tees 45°

Lined Lateral Tees at 45° offer enhanced flow direction, corrosion resistance, and durability, ideal for complex piping systems in industrial settings.

PTFE Lined Cross

PTFE Lined Cross fittings provide superior chemical resistance and seamless flow, designed for intersecting pipelines in high-corrosive environments.

Lined Cross Sight Glass

Lined Cross Sight Glass allows for visual monitoring in corrosive media, combining robust construction with chemical resistance for industrial applications.

Expansion Joints Bellows

Expansion Joints Bellows provide flexibility and stress relief in piping systems, designed to handle thermal expansion, contraction, and vibration effectively.

Tees with Offset Branches

Tees with Offset Branches offer specialized flow routing in piping systems, combining durability with precise directional control for optimal fluid management.

Lined Stainless Steel Expansion Joints

Lined Stainless Steel Expansion Joints offer flexibility and corrosion resistance in piping systems.

PTFE Lined Spool Pipe Jacketed

PTFE Lined Spool Pipe Jacketed offers thermal insulation and chemical resistance in industrial settings.

Lined Equal Cross

Lined Equal Cross provides efficient fluid distribution while ensuring corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability.

Lined Unequal Cross

Lined Unequal Cross facilitates imbalanced fluid distribution while maintaining corrosion resistance and durability in piping systems.

Lined Sight Flow Indicator

Lined Sight Flow Indicators provide visual confirmation of fluid flow while offering chemical resistance in high-corrosion environments.

PTFE Lined Spacer

PTFE Lined Spacers ensure precise gap control and offer superior chemical resistance in corrosive piping systems.

PTFE Solid Type Spacer

PTFE Solid Type Spacers provide exceptional durability and chemical resistance, making them ideal for maintaining fixed distances.

Lined Header

Lined Headers offer enhanced chemical resistance and uniform distribution of flow, making them suitable for corrosive.

PTFE Envelope Gasket

PTFE Envelope Gaskets provide a chemically inert and temperature-resistant sealing solution, ensuring leak-free performance in highly corrosive and extreme temperature environments.

PTFE Structure Packing

PTFE Structure Packing offers superior chemical resistance and low friction, optimizing mass transfer efficiency in corrosive and high-temperature applications.

PTFE T Bush Nozzles Of Glass Lined Reactor Glr

PTFE T Bush Nozzles in GLRs offer chemical resistance and efficient sealing for reactive processes.

PTFE Molded Machined Parts

PTFE Molded Machined Parts provide high-precision, chemically resistant components for various industrial applications.

Why Opt for Meersto's Anti-Corrosion Solutions?

Choose Meersto for top-grade materials, tailored solutions, anticorrosion equipments capabilities, and rigorous quality control, delivering unmatched anti-corrosion solutions for your industry needs.

PTFE, PFA, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel: Meersto's Choice.

Meersto’s core materials consist of PTFE and PFA for their exceptional heat and chemical resistance, and Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel for their unparalleled strength and durability, serving diverse industrial needs.


Customized Solutions

Meersto offers custom-designed, application-specific solutions with adaptive manufacturing and personalized service, ensuring efficient, branded products that meet your specific needs.

Custom Design

Meersto can create custom products based on unique specifications and requirements, from pipe diameters to the choice of materials and finishes.

Application-Specific Solutions

Meersto designs solutions that meet specific industrial needs, whether that's high-temperature endurance, enhanced corrosion resistance, or specialized flow rates.

Adaptive Manufacturing

With advanced manufacturing facilities, Meersto can adapt production processes to accommodate custom requests, ensuring a perfect fit for each client's specific application.

Personalized Service

Meersto's dedicated team works closely with each client, offering expert advice and assistance throughout the product design and manufacturing process to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Meersto can also incorporate company branding into the product design, whether that’s a logo, brand name, or any other specific identifiers.

Anticorrosion Capabilities

Anti-corrosion Capabilities

Meersto’s anti-corrosion capabilities epitomize robustness, innovation, and industry-leading quality assurance.

Rigorous Quality Control

Rigorous Quality Control

Meersto’s rigorous quality control signifies unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring products that meet stringent industry standards.

After-Sales Service

Cutting-Edge Solutions, Process Expertise and Unwavering Support for Challenging Industrial Applications.

Hear from Our Clients

Discover firsthand accounts from our valued clients, sharing their experiences and the impact MEERSTO has had on their operations.

As a project manager in the oil and gas industry, Meersto’s corrosion-resistant piping solutions have greatly enhanced our infrastructure’s durability. Their personalized service and exceptional quality control were exactly what we needed. I’d recommend their products to anyone in need of industrial piping solutions.


John Smith

Oil and Gas

Working in the pharmaceutical industry means we require the highest standards of purity and safety. Meersto’s specialized, lined pipes met these requirements effortlessly. Their customer support is top-notch, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.


Dr. Susan Clark


Dealing with highly corrosive chemicals in our manufacturing process, we needed a reliable and effective solution. Meersto’s PTFE-lined pipes proved to be the answer. Their dedication to quality and their comprehensive after-sales support have made them a valuable partner in our operations.


David Kim

Tech Industries


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